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Wireless IP Security Camera for $79 Deal DZT Fitness - Coupon 2015
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This deal is available until 08-31-2019
Voucher Expiration : 90 days from the Date of Purchase


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*Very easy to set up and can be viewed on any computer/tablet/mobile phone from anywhere in the world!

The Future of Video Surveillance!

This new Wireless IP Camera integrates into your home or business, and is easy enough for anyone to use and enjoy. Easily watch over the entrances to your home, your vehicles, your children, your property, or using it to keep an eye on your business, the DZT IP Camera is exactly what you`re looking for.

You`ll be able to monitor your home or business on any Internet-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone in the world. With all the high end features you want in video surveillance, you won`t find a better IP camera on the market at a better price!

Remote/Mobile Viewing from your Smart Phone or Any Computer in the World!

Everyone`s left their home at one time or another and had a moment of "is everything okay over there." Is my family home safe and sound? Has that package arrived? Is the neighbor drinking in my pool? Is someone breaking into my home? With DZT`s new Wireless IP Camera you will have unrestricted, 24-hour access to your home from anywhere in the world!

Get online from any internet-enabled device. Computer, tablets, smartphones and more. Simply log in with your password so you can not only view, but control your camera LIVE! Set up your setting to allow for multiple users (family, friends, employees, etc) to access the camera feed(s) from their own locations.

24-Hour Surveillance - True Night Vision Technology

Equipped with leading Night Vision technology, our cameras use 11 Infrared (IR) LED lights to clearly function 24 hours a day in any lighting condition. In well-lit areas, it provides crisp, full color video. In darker conditions, the camera automatically enables Night Vision, adjusting so you can see in incredibly low lighting levels down to 0.5 lux (almost complete darkness). It`s a steady transition from light to dark, so you never lose sight of the area you`re watching. The powerful IR LED lights allow the Night Vision to work up to a distance of 10 meters (32.8 feet) away!

Fast, Adjustable RapidScan Pan & Tilt

See it all with built-in, high speed, Pan & Tilt!! The DZT IP Camera has convenient adjustable speed and incredible pan & tilt to make sure you`re getting the angles you need. The intuitive software interface enables users to easily adjust the speed of the pan & tilt from from any internet connection.

NotiFi: Motion-Activated Email/Recording Trigger

AirSight has a built-in alert system called NotiFi. This sophisticated system enables the IR motion detection built into the camera. You can set the alert system to instantly Email you 6-8 snapshots so you know when something is going on, send snapshots to an FTP sever, record live video to your hard drive and even sound an alarm on your computer whenever motion is detected. The motion detection sensitivity is also adjustable. This is one smart camera!

Wi-Fi Camera - Takes Only Minutes to Set-up!

The DZT IP Camera works with your Wi-Fi network. That means you have secure access to your camera from anywhere in the world. It also means you can conveniently save video on your home PC with the click of a button no matter where you are. It also means that set-up is a breeze!. Install the easy software on your home PC in less than five minutes, then plug the camera directly into your router for instant viewing and control. Or, it`s super easy to configure it as wireless and access the viewing/control without running a cable from your camera. Either way, you will be able to access the camera remotely via the Internet in a matter of minutes!

1001 Uses

This is perfect for your home or business! Doorbell ringing? Check to see who it is on your smart phone before you answer the door to a nosy neighbor or some pushy salesman. Curious what that sound was in the middle of the night? See for yourself on your computer. This camera is the perfect surveillance solution for nearly any application!

In addition to home applications, video surveillance is a must-have in any business. It is instrumental in preventing shoplifting, internal theft, vandalism, on the job substance abuse and other illicit behavior. That`s just the beginning! Prevent lawsuits, increase employee activity and production and improve your bottom line. It is an investment you won`t soon regret. AirSight is perfect for monitoring parking lots, sales floors, stock rooms, cash registers, loading docks, construction sites, retail areas, storefronts and other areas of business. Pop on the Internet or pull out your smart phone and check up on your business from anywhere in the world at any time.

Access from ANYWHERE - Mobile Software

The computer Software and Mobile Software allow you to access your camera from anywhere in the world. Just get online, login securely to view and control your camera(s) with the click of your mouse. Pan, tilt, record, take snapshots, adjust motion-activated/alarm settings, adjust brightness, contrast, resolution and more. The Software allows you to view and control up to 64 cameras. The best part? They don`t all have to be from our company. You can use other IP cameras you already own. Anywhere from one to 64 IP cameras at once. Click the window of the camera you want to access to pan & tilt and control. Set cameras up all around your home and keep tabs on every inch of your property from anywhere in the world!

Video Recording & Snapshots

Want to capture what you`re seeing on your hard drive? Simply click the snapshot tab to take still pictures or click the record tab to record actual video and save it to a designated folder. The snapshots will come up in a new browser window so it`s easy to save as a JPEG in the folder of your choice. The recorded video will automatically save as an MPEG in the designated folder.

Concerned about a secure video feed? No worries. This is as secure as it gets! It runs through your Wi-Fi network, meaning it`s protected with WEP, WPA or WPA2 encryption.

The adjustable mounting bracket is made of sturdy plastic and easily mounts to the ceiling or wall with two small screws. Screw the camera onto the mount, adjust it to the perfect angle and lock it into place for the perfect angle. The camera also stands alone. Move it from room to room for mobile surveillance.

Not only can you see everything in full color, but you can hear everything clear as day with the built-in high quality microphone. The audio comes right through your computer speakers or headphones so you can listen in. Plus, the sound goes two ways. AirSight also has a built-in speaker (and an output jack in case you want to hook up another speaker to it)! That means with a microphone on your computer, you can talk through the camera. It`s like an intercom system, but better. Talk through the camera from anywhere in the world. Want to surprise an intruder or remind your teen at home that it`s homework time? Just click the `talk` tab and do it!

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