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$24.99 10 Lectures Online Udemy Feng Shui Glenda Feilen Course with Quizzies and Templates - Coupon 2015
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This deal is available until 07-31-2019
Voucher Expiration : 90 days from the Date of Purchase


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Buy today`s QuarterOFF Deal and enroll yourself for online course to know how to Feng Shui your home & office on a budget : make money, have better health and attract supportive relationships using the basic principles of feng Shui.

What`s included :

* 10 Lecture Online Udemi Course with Quizzes & Templates
* 3 Months subscription to monthly Feng Shui Your Home Activations & Cures.
* Your 4 personal Lucky Directions and how to use them.
* 9 Ways Feng Shui Can Bring You Luck EBook.

Course Content of Feng Shui Basics: Feng Shui Tips for Home & Office:

Section 1 - Feng shui Overview :
01. Welcome from Glenda
02. Your Entry Way & Front Door: Where Prosperity Flows Into Your Home
03. Feng Shui Basics: Preventing Prosperity Leaks
04. How to Use The 5 Elements of Nature in Feng Shui

Section 2 - Begin Walking Through Homes With Glenda :
05. Curb Appeal, Your Driveway, & Your Living Room Part 1
06. Curb Appeal, Your Driveway, & Your Living Room Part 2

Section 3 - Feng Shui Your Bedroom (One of the 2 Most Important Places in Your Home) :
07. Your Master Bedroom: Are You Set up for Romance?
08. Guest Rooms & Child`s Room: Setting Your Child up for Success

Section 4 - Where Money Draining From Your Home (Bathroom, Kitchen, Dining Room) :
09. Why You Don`t Want to Ignore Your Bathroom When it Comes to Feng shui
10. The Heart of Your Home: How to Double Your Prosperity
Section 5:
11. Final Words From Glenda

Over 11 lectures and 3 hours of content!

By the end of this course you will know how to Feng Shui your home quickly and on a budget. You will learn how to arrange your home so that it is balanced and harmonious.

You will learn Feng Shui prosperity secrets so that you can make more money and attract more customers. Find out what to place in your home so that you can avoid quarrels and create fulfilling relationships. Know what to do to stop your home from draining money.





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3. Limit one voucher per person.
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Expiration Date
90 days from the Date of Purchase
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