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2 Teeth whitening pens for $20 including Free Shipping Deal from Smile Science - Coupon 2015
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This deal is available until 07-31-2019
Voucher Expiration : 90 days from the Date of Purchase


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The Smile Science pen is a cosmetic solution for people who want just that. A way to whiten their teeth without the expensive, invasive, or time consuming process associated with traditional teeth whitening methods. Developed by dentists, using smile sciences twice daily you can whiten your teeth by several shades within one week. The Smile Sciences whitening pen was featured on the hit CBS show "The Doctors" on June 16th.

* Safe for your enamel
* FDA registered
* Made in the USA
* Dentist Created, Tested, and Approved
* 30 applications in each pen
* RX Strength



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* No cash value.
* Not to be combined with any other offer.
* Free Shipping.
* Please email info@smilesciences.com to check the status of the shipment or for any question.
To Redeem :
1. Just go to http://www.smilesciences.com/pages/redeem
2. Click on the redeem voucher link.
3. Fill out the form and your kit is shipped to you free!
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Expiration Date
90 days from the Date of Purchase
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