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  Frequently Asked Questions
The name is QuarterOFF because it promotes Deals from local next-door merchants as well as Nationwide Deals at minimum Quarter percentage (25%) discount. The discount can be as high as 90% OFF. None of our Deals are less than 25% and most of our Deals are more than 55% OFF. We work hard with various merchants from Restaurant to Salon, Spa, Hotels and Vacations, entertainment, Services and literally anything and avail their services and/or products including Gift certificates to our customers at deeply discounted price.

QuarterOFF is headquartered in Bhubaneswar, INDIA. We have QuarterOFF representatives and affiliates working for us in Sales, IT, Accounting, Administration and others. Please visit our ABOUT US PAGE for more information.

Please refer to our Affiliate Page for more details.

Please subscribe to our website or register with QuarterOFF.com(there is an option to select if you want to be notified of QuarterOFF Deal) so that we can send you new deals on regular basis. You can also be a fan of QuarterOFF facebook page where we update the deals on regular basis. Please refer QuarterOFF to people you love so that they can also avail our great deals.

Immediately unless stated otherwise in `Instruction and Restriction` section in the Deal page. Every gift certificate has an expiration date written on the Deal Description.

Yes, unless it is stated No for a particular program. Some merchants allow the certificate to be used for 2 services, and sometimes they allow those services to be split between different persons. Please check the instruction and restriction before purchasing the Gift certificate.

QuarterOFF will refund money to the customer in this case. If you have partially used your gift certificate, you may not be able to get your refund. Please read the restriction information for Gift certificate for details.

Yes, unless it is stated No for a particular program, which is very rare.

Yes, you can. Please log in to your account in QuarterOFF and retrieve the certificate. We can recommend you to register yourself before buying Gift certificate so that you can view your purchases any time and print out the certificate at your convenience. In case, you buy before doing the Registration, please feel free to contact us, and our support team will be more than happy to help you getting registered to QuarterOFF.

We send the certificate(if not printable)/item in 1-3 days and send you notification. If you do not receive notification about the shipment in 3 days or do not receive the shipment in 1 week, please feel free to Submit a ticket or contact our customer support. Please check the instruction if there is any delivery restriction and will be delivered at a certain time. If you select a shipping method with tracking facility with the carrier, you can track the course of the delivery. If the Item is delivered by one of our merchant, we would recommend you to contact the merchant(instruction is given in the Deal description). In case, you have any issue, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

You can log in to QuarterOFF and view your accounts(if you are a registered user) and see the order history. If you still have problem finding your order, please submit a ticket with your name, email ID and any other information that may be relevant to your purchase. Our customer support team will be glad to assist you in timely manner.

Please refer to QuarterOFF Return Policy.


Thanks for your feedback. Please let us know your city name and we will contact you when we get any deal in your city.

QuarterOFF Team scrutinizes each and every merchant before having their products and services listed on the website based on a check list. We check that the merchants do fair business practice. We analyze that they have genuine and quality products and services. Our Merchant and Product Inspection division follow proper process and checklist to rate each merchant and their products. The merchants/merchandises need to pass a minimum standard before we feature those products online. Even the renewal process goes through inspection again.

Please visit Feature Your Business section and submit your request. QuarterOFF Team will address your query as soon as possible.

The complimentary Gift Certificates is sent via email in 1-4 business days after the qualified purchase is done. The registered users can sign in to their account and view the complimentary gift certificate. Notification is sent to the customer with the status update for this action item.

Yes you can buy QuarterOFF.com Gift certificates unless stated otherwise in teh Deal description. Please contact us if you have any question. One of the specialist will call you and discuss.

When someone buys a Deal at QuarterOFF.com, he/she gets automated email with a link to download Gift certificate. If you have not received the email, it means either you have entered one email ID and looking for our email in another email ID. There is also a probability that you have made a typo error while providing your email ID during Order processing. We recommend you to register with QuarterOFF.com and sign in before processing any order. This will minimize any error. If you have any issue with an existing order, please contact us and QuarterOFF support will be happy to assist you to retrieve your Order information and send you your voucher.

QuarterOFF will issue you a full refund in this case and take corrective measure to avoid any such situation. This kind of situation is extremely rare.

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