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About Us

QuarterOFF was managed by a group of dedicated professionals based in Bhubaneswar, India. QuarterOFF has operations in 22 US states and has a major expansion plan to cover other US states. QuarterOFF has partnership with 400+ local merchants to provide local deals in above states and many leading National companies and provide Nationwide Deals. The primary objective of QuarterOFF is to create win-win situation for end-customers as well as merchants. Customers are benefited from QuarterOFF by grabbing the great deals they deserve. Merchants get benefited by getting new customers/traffic for their business.

QuarterOFF is also aggressive in promoting individual/companies who want to become QuarterOFF affiliate/franchisee and be part of QuarterOFF's revenue model.

Please contact us if you have any question/comment/suggestion, want to sell Merchandises including Gift certificates on QuarterOFF website or want to be a QuarterOFF affiliate. QuarterOFF Team will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hear from you.

QuarterOFF principle is very simple. We come up with something that people like and come back to us again and again. In the current economy, we help people save money by getting deals that they look forward to. We achieve this objective by taking care of the following things very seriously :

Great Products and Services - We deal with merchants who offer great products and services and do fair business practices. We make sure the merchants have proper business license and abide by all the federal/state/county laws. We want our customers to feel happy and proud for each product they buy from us.

Unbeatable customer service - We strongly believe in providing the very best customer service. We take each case, small or big, very seriously and make sure the customer is happy. We take every possible step to make things RIGHT for our customers and get 100% customer satisfaction. We assume customers' issue is our issue and resolve any issue as soon as possible. Our response time to customer issues is less than 5 minutes.

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